Tips to stay fit

Tips to Stay Fit Despite An Irregular Workout Routine.

With a busy work schedule and a fast paced life, you might not find time for a regular workout schedule. However, nothing justifies compromising with your health and fitness. Another issue that you might be coming across is irregularities in your workout routine. The reason can be any: small kids to take care of, too […]

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Build Your Own Property Rental Portfolio

How to Build Your Own Property Rental Portfolio

How to Build Your Own Property Rental Portfolio Based on our own experience: Start as early as possible, to give yourself the most time to grow your property portfolio before you retire. At least to start with, I would recommend buying property in an area that you are familiar with, for example, so that you […]

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email lists

Add Dollars a Month to Your Income With This Simple Email Line

Add Dollars a Month to Your Income each and every month. This is truly old school and In fact, it can.  And all it takes is a line or two of text in your emails, yet most marketers never do this. What is it? The signature line. Place a simple signature line with a link to […]

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digital marketing

How Digital Marketing is Changing.

Digital Marketing is Changing. Thanks to Covid-19, businesses have been pushed from the offline to the online world at record speed, making digital marketing more competitive than ever. How can you compete in 2021? 1: If you haven’t already, it’s time to get serious about putting out plenty of great content. Whether it’s one sentence […]

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online business tools

Your Basic Online Business Tools

Software development is a multi-billion dollar industry, so it is not surprising that new tools are often released to meet the growing demand. When it comes to online businesses, there is no exception. So what are Your Basic Online Business Tools? Marketing tools are essential for any company, including traditional businesses looking to go online, existing […]

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groove funnels

Save $99 Dollars a Month

If you use shopping cart or affiliate software for your business, you’ll want to pay close attention to this article. It can save you hundreds of dollars in overhead expenses for your business. Especially if you’re using software or services just a ThriveCart, SamCart, PayKickStart, Clickbank or JV Zoo. You’ll want to pay attention…because what I’m sharing […]

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Pixabay Image 4051777

Successful Habits To Develop

Successful Habits To Develop Set achievable goals Small steps/one new habit at a time until that one is in place Celebrate success both personally and with others. Take a look at your habits and what hasn’t worked so you can figure out a new strategy for what works. Write your strategy down and carry it […]

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achieve your goals

How to Achieve Your Goals Once and for All – Part2

Okay, Welcome to Part 2 of How to Achieve Your Goals Once and for All. How to create a reward system that works for you: Keep a journal – every time you have a success write it down. – every time you have a failure look at your journal and see exactly what you are […]

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how to achieve your goals

How to Achieve Your Goals Once and for All.

– The First Important Step Action steps – no goal is achieved without this first important step. It is vital you get out of your head and into your heart and then into action. Without small, measurable action steps, your success remains nothing but a story. Small steps and bite size pieces – it is […]

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