October 2016

Weight Loss Tips

7 Fun And Healthy Weight Loss Tips

[ad_1] Quick Weight Loss Tips For Long-Term Fitness Success Some resources say that quick weight loss tips are just that. They make you lose weight fast, but then again, you’ll gain the pounds back again. The key ought to be about keeping the weight off forever. But according to a Reader’s Digest article, quick weight […]

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5 Powerful Anti-aging Tips For Women’s Health.

Years back, the word “anti aging” appeared to come just from sci-fi motion pictures. People joked about the Fountain of Eternal youth and wonder medicines that were supposed to reverse the aging process to make one’s appearance 10 or 20 years younger. However today, anti-aging is more than an old wive’s tale. Through clinical studies […]

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Here are some essential exercise tips for busy people.

Too Busy to Exercise? Exercise Tips For Busy People.

We live in a busy age. We all know that exercise is essential but who has time for a 1 hour workout these days? Creating a fit, energetic you is not about time.Here are some essential exercise tips for busy people. 10 minutes of exercise can make a real difference if done properly. You’ve finally arrived […]

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10 tips for membership clubs

How To Sell The SIZZLE – Top 10 Tips For Membership Sales Consultants

[ad_1] 1. Only sell the club tour, not the club itself When you are on the telephone talking to a potential prospect, it is very easy to become distracted and begin talking about the club, it’s facilities, services and membership fees. This is a great mistake. Selling actual goods and services over the phone is […]

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