quick weight loss advice

Quick Weight Loss Advice From Fitness And Nutrition Experts


quick weight loss

You'll think it's bad because you're taking a short-cut, but there are smart benefits to taking this quick weight loss advice. Implementing this actually has long term benefits, because mainly, that's your starting point.

When you lose weight quick, you get a psychological boost. From there, you feel motivated to keep to your new health and fitness habits.

Studies have shown that quick weight loss leads to losing more pounds and it perks you up to stick to habits that lead to long term weight loss success. You'll want to keep the pounds of for long as well.

There are many ways to lose weight fast, such as crash dieting or doing an extreme diet cleanse, but there are major glitches to these. You'll easily gain the pounds back again and you'll be back to square one without learning anything. Watch where you're getting your weight loss tips.

So here is the best advice from top fitness and nutrition experts for safe and quick weight reduction:

    • off limitsYour kitchen should be off limits for 12 hours. When? Right after your dinner in the evening and before your breakfast in the morning of the next day. Having your dinner wrapped up at 7:30 pm means you shouldn't be eating anything until 7:30 am the following day. Feed your mind with some pep talk if you're tempted to grab some munchies from the fridge in between those hours. Tell yourself to “get your snooze now, so that tomorrow you'll look fab and wow”.


    • If you feel like getting a munch from the kitchen, drink water instead. At times you may think you feel hungry, but you're just actually thirsty. It's a normal reaction especially if you're trying to stick to a weight loss diet where you tend to expect yourself to feel hungry. So when you feel the urge to grab some food from the kitchen, get a glass of water instead.


    • Ask yourself if you're really hungry whenever you want to eat and what's the reason why you're hungry. Whenever you want to grab something to eat, you might not really be hungry, but are on the other hand bored, stressed or are procrastinating. Maybe you're even depressed. Before having a bite of anything, stall yourself for 10 minutes and decide if you really need to eat it. This few minutes of contemplation can have a big impact on your weight management.


    • Begin your meals with an appetizer. Choose the foods that you eat wisely. You can, for instance, sip a cup of broth-based soup or a plate of salad before eating your dinner. Your appetizer will make you feel full to begin with and you'll prevent yourself from scarfing down your dinner chows. When you're done eating, keep your food off the table. It'll keep you from eating too fast.


  • Reduce your food portions, but add more veggies. Supersize those veggie portions for your plate. Chow the proper portions of carbs and meat so that you'll lose weight fast. Don't eat too much of everything else. If you're eating pasta, you should eat a portion that's as big as your fist and your meat meal should be the same size as a bar of soap.

Note these easy but smart tips for quick weight loss from fitness and nutrition experts.


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