Pet Feeder Stations For Meal Times

Do you need a cabinet both for feeding your pet and for storage of your pets toys and food?

Here are some great options for you. Most cabinets come with 2 stainless steel bowls at the bottom, with a slider drawer which is easy to use or to be kept hidden. This provides a double pet feeder station for meal times. The stainless steel bowls are big enough and easy to clean. A pull out section in the middle of the cabinet provides enough space for pet food and it will conveniently keep all of your dog or cat’s accessories handy.

You can store your dog or cat’s toys inside the top shelf, hang the leashes and collars on the hooks and store your food inside the handy tilt out cabinet. Set a treat jar on top of the cabinet for when your best friend has been a good boy or girl.

Modern pet feeder stations are so attractive that they almost blend right in with the rest of your furniture. Guests will think it’s a beautiful end table. These pet food cabinets effectively organizes the messy stuff in one place.

Pet Feeder Station Standard Features

  • 1. Food is safely secured and hidden inside tilt out drawer.
  • 2. A hidden sliding drawer at the base houses stainless steel food and water bowls. You can just pull out the stainless steel bowls at mealtimes.

You can choose from a wide variety of finishes to customize the look of your feeding station with storage.

Make sure that you read the reviews as some units are not assembly friendly and others are cheaply made. You'll want to select one of the best quality units.



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