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How to Achieve Your Goals Once and for All – Part2

Okay, Welcome to Part 2 of How to Achieve Your Goals Once and for All.

The Reward System

How to create a reward system that works for you:
  • How to Achieve Your Goals Once and for AllKeep a journal
    • – every time you have a success write it down.
    • – every time you have a failure look at your journal and see exactly what you are made of and where you can change a habit.
  • Whenever you reach a small goal,
    • boast about it.
    • Tell others about it
    • Don’t allow them to put you down or minimize it.
  • Treat yourself every time you achieve a goal – it doesn’t have to be big, but something that will make a connection in your brain that achieving goals reaps rewards.


How to Train Your Brain

train your brain

  • Positive Associations – train your brain to have positive associations with things like money or work.
  • Choose which emotion you want to associate success with – is it fear of failure or is it joy, happiness and fulfillment?
  • Pay attention to your thoughts – you have the power of choice.
  • Recreate your thoughts – you can change your thoughts at any time.
  • Change your thoughts to more positive ones.


Visualizing and Manifesting

The Art of Visualizing and Manifesting

  • Allow the problem to sit for a while – when you think about a problem for too long it becomes bigger and more unmanageable
  • Journal the problem.
  • Let go of finding a solution the quicker you let go of finding a solution it pops into your mind – did you ever look for something and can’t find it and then the minute you stop looking, you find it? Same concept.
  • Pick an uplifting vibe and stick with it – get enthusiastic about how excited you are your dream will come true.
  • Before you do this step, however, you must know your goal, and name it – be enthusiastic about your specific goal.
  • Think about the end and not how you will get there and you will begin to manifest at the speed of light.
  • Visualize daily, especially out in nature or in the shower. Notice more positive things than negative.
  • Face your fears in small doses then let them go as you realize you survived each and every thing you were afraid of.



  • Try many different forms of meditation until you find the right one.
  • Meditate at night so you reset your subconscious brain. Let the meditation play as you fall asleep. Your subconscious will pick it up.
  • Too many people try to meditate in the morning, but their busy bee minds are already on the go and it’s not as effective.
  • Stop holding your breath – check in with your breath throughout the day, notice how tight your stomach is – let your stomach relax.
  • The center of the body is the stomach – it’s your gut and your gut doesn’t let you down – how are you taking care of your gut? Are you eating right, hydrating, relaxing, working hard and then taking a break? Are you checking in with your intuition to feel your way through and getting out of your head?
  • When it comes to meditation, get out of your head …practice present moment techniques, journal it and burn it if you choose to do this and practice, practice, practice.


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How to Achieve Your Goals Once and for All.

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