Here are some essential exercise tips for busy people.

Too Busy to Exercise? Exercise Tips For Busy People.

exercise tips for busy people.We live in a busy age. We all know that exercise is essential but who has time for a 1 hour workout these days? Creating a fit, energetic you is not about time.Here are some essential exercise tips for busy people. 10 minutes of exercise can make a real difference if done properly.

You've finally arrived home after yet another crazy day at work. You still have a million things to take care of, there's the dozen or so unread emails in your in-box, the presentation you haven't even started thinking about yet alone writing, the house is a mess and you know, in your-heart-of-hearts that you need to start that exercise routine…same day….when all this stuff is out of the way. Should I pop to the gym this evening like I promised I would?

Let me think, it's already late. I have to pack my gym clothes, drive to the gym, get changed, work-out, shower, get changed, drive back home again…and eat some dinner. That's two hours. Who has two hours spare in their day? Let's skip it for today, I'll exercise tomorrow.


Instead of writing off exercise time all together as a luxury you cannot afford, busy people need to integrate exercise into their current lifestyle and routine. Once exercise becomes a daily habit, like brushing your teeth, you will be keeping fit without having to force yourself to think about doing it all the time.

Consider exercise as you would a big project at work. Split it up into much small components. And don't think if you can't afford to take 1 hour to exercise today, then why bother? You can exercise on the go all the time.

Many people also say “I'll get into an exercise routine once this busy patch at work is over, or once Christmas has gone, or once the kids are more settled”. Life does not work that way. It's rare that we will wake up and suddenly find extra hours in the day. We have to work to create this time or be practical and understand that it is better to start some kind of exercise routine now, no matter how short in duration or less than perfect.


The Malaysian actress and former Bond girl, Michelle Yeoh was once asked for her secrets of a fit and healthy body. She said she was always exercising. When waiting for a taxi, she is doing calf raises or buttock clenches. When chatting to a shop assistant, trying out cosmetics at counter, she is on her tip toes stretching her lower legs.

These small pockets of exercise, added up throughout the day, make massive differences to your overall fitness and toning over the course of a year. You can run up and down the stairs in your office and home for a few minutes, and push-ups can be done almost anywhere.


Having an exercise bike or treadmill at home mean that you can catch up on reading or relax your mind by watching TV, or even engage in a conversation with your family members…exercising as well during the whole time. If you don't have space in your lounge, then a jump rope or a set of resistance bands work perfectly well.


Instead of increasing the time you spend exercising, a simple increase in intensity may make the biggest difference to your workout results. Researchers in Australia at the University of New South Wales and the Garvan Institute studied 45 overweight woman over fifteen weeks. They put them on a higher intensity, shorter routine. They did a 20 minute cycling program in which they sprinted on a stationary bike for eight seconds, followed by 12 seconds of light cycling.

The results were incredible. They lost THREE TIMES MORE WEIGHT than other women who exercised at a continuous regular pace for 40 minutes. It is thought that ‘catecholamines', a chemical compound which helps achieve weight loss, are produced in greater amounts when linked to interval sprinting. The researchers went on to say that this interval type of routine would have similar effects for swimming, running, rowing and speed walking.


Create a new habit of exercising during your lunch break. Go for a 20 minute walk outside, perhaps you can buy a sandwich on the way and eat it in a nearby park. Not only will the walk help your body, it will also help clear your mind and re-energize you for the afternoon ahead. You will find the usual mid-afternoon slump disappears too.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to fit exercise into your day, just follow these Exercise Tips For Busy People no matter how busy you might be. Hope you have been reading this while doing your butt clenches at the same time!

Source by Gemma Swansburg

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