Do You Know Why You Are Often Hungry?

Are Junk Food Habits Driving Obesity

Do you know why you are often hungry when you eat a lot of highly processed foods? The reason is simple. Unhealthy food manufacturers do not care about your health. With more than 7 billion people walking around on planet earth, they know that once their highly processed trash food offerings put you in the hospital and eventually shovel you into the grave, there are plenty of other unhealthy food addicted individuals to take your place.

Because they don't care about your health, they can focus entirely on the bottom line– the profitability of their companies. This means they work very hard and spend billions of dollars to understand how to make their food as addictive as possible, while also using the cheapest ingredients and making their products last forever on grocery store shelves.

This nutrition is replaced with artificial and unhealthy flavor enhancers that have been proven to cause addiction in humans. You eat this wonderfully tasty food but since there is little to no nutritional value, soon after eating your brain tells you to go out and eat again. It knows you have not received the nutrition you need, but it also understands that the junk food you ate triggered your pleasure center, so it tells you to eat more of the nutrient-free garbage you just consumed.

This is why it is sometimes seemingly impossible to beat hunger cravings when you attempt to get off of the junk food bandwagon. Here are a few tips that will help you break your less than healthy processed food habits without having to deal with unhealthy cravings and hunger pangs.

This can be done by removing nutrients and minerals which naturally cause food to decay and rot.

Change Your Junk Food Habits Without Going Hungry

Eat Protein at Every Meal, Snack

Protein takes a lot of time for your body to process. It is also required by every cell in your body. When you add some type of healthy protein to each meal and snack, you feel full much longer than when you consume empty, protein-free calories in junk food.

Reduce Stress.

With even the best of intentions, stress can cause you to reach for that fast food or unhealthy food you know you shouldn't be eating. Reduce stress and it is easier to kick the unhealthy food habit.

Eat High-Fiber Foods and Snacks.

Healthy dietary fiber removes toxins and waste material from your body as it passes through your system. Fiber also makes you full. Strawberries and pears, apples and avocados, bananas, carrots and raspberries are just a few of the many natural foods packed with filling fiber.

Drink Water Throughout the Day

The average person does not drink enough water. You need to have roughly a gallon of water pass through your body each day for all your internal processes to work properly. Sipping on a water bottle periodically can help your stomach feel full, and this can keep you from giving into unhealthy cravings

Get Plenty of Rest Regularly.

Often times you reach for the sugar to dump into your coffee in the morning because you didn't get enough rest. In the middle of the afternoon people frequently reach for an energy drink for a boost. Energy drinks, fruit juices, sugar and other artificial ways to improve your alertness and energy level can be bad for you in a number of ways.

Make sure you get 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night and you may find it easier than you thought to ditch your unhealthy food habits.

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