Do You Know Why You Are Often Hungry?

Do you know why you are often hungry when you eat a lot of highly processed foods? The reason is simple. Unhealthy food manufacturers do not care about your health. With more than 7 billion people walking around on planet earth, they know that once their highly processed trash food offerings put you in the […]

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the glycemic index diet

The Glycemic Index Diet – Very Simple And Effective.

Discover the Power of the Glycemic Index Diet The Glycemic Index diet has a very technical sound to it. Wow… it must be complicated. Yes? Wrong. It is actually a very simple diet that is based on one principle. You need to eat foods that do not spike your blood sugar levels. This is a […]

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blood type diet

What Is The Blood Type Diet?

What Is The Blood Type Diet? Here’s What You Need to Know. The Blood Type Diet is one of the latest fad diets. The spin with this diet is that by eating a diet that is suitable for your blood type, you’ll be able to accelerate your weight loss and see faster results. Advocated by […]

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