3 Important Things To Remember When Training Your Puppy

There are as many methods to raising a puppy as there are to raising a child.

Here are 3 Important Things To Remember When Training Your Puppy that many individuals simply do not think of when it comes to raising their pets.

1. Dogs do not understand English up until we teach them.

Pixabay Image 1382643The most important thing we all love about pups is the way they live for us, the way they focus all they have on us, the way our lives end up being theirs.

In the beginning, they study us to learn our body movement, our facial expressions and our language. Up until we teach them the language, it's all they have.

If we say, “Wan na go out?” one day, “Have to go potty?” the next day, and, “Hafta pee?” the 3rd day, if they DO find out what we want, it is because we have actually picked up the leash and moved toward the door with a happy face!

If you want to speed up his training three-fold, teach him YOUR language. Select a command for EACH behavior and stick with it.

Tell everyone in your family to use the exact same words and commands, and your young puppy will amaze you at just how much faster he understands.


2. A young pup's metabolism is racing along faster than we believe.

The more youthful your pup is, the faster he is growing, the more food and water he needs to fuel his metabolism, and the more frequently he needs to go potty.

When he makes a house-breaking mistake, do not punish your puppy. These are YOUR fault.

Your puppy's age in weeks and his type and size affects how often he must head out. As often as an hour is not unusual for a big 6-week old pup, particularly if it is summer.

Dogs like the amazing smells outdoors, so there is no reason to not have him housebroken by 7-8 weeks of age.

After a nap, after he eats and after grooming are the essential times, and he will signal you. If he is happily chewing a toy and gets up unexpectedly with his nose to the floor, move quickly! And every time he goes potty outside, praise him to high heaven! “What an excellent BOYY!”, “GOOD go potty!” and the like.

Pet dogs like our pleased faces, and they will do anything to get it.


3. Pets live for our facial expressions and body movement.

Because of this, the worst penalty you ever offer your pet dog is a grimace and to turn away from him. Love him up and give him your pleased face again.

He will end up being a master of your body language and facial expressions in no time at all.

3 Important Things To Remember When Training Your PuppyNaturally there are numerous elements in training your puppy well. Caring and generosity works just as well for pups as it does with children, producing a happy, obedient and well-adjusted dog for life.

These three crucial suggestions, utilized consistently with confidence, will start him well on his way.

Remember, loving kindness works just as well for young puppies as it does with children, and will result in developing a pleased, well-adjusted and loyal canine for life.

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